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Kairos face detection

Face Detection

Find and track faces in any video, photo or image.

Kairos face identification

Face Identification

Search for face matches. Answers: “Who is this?”.

Kairos face verification

Face Verification

Search for someone. Answers: “Is this Elizabeth?”.

Kairos emotion detection

Emotion Detection

Joy, anger, disgust, sadness, fear and surprise.

Kairos age detection

Age Detection

Detects age groups; child, young-adult, adult, or senior.

Kairos gender detection

Gender Detection

Detects gender of each face found; female or male.

Kairos multi-face tracking

Multi-face Detection

Detects individuals, crowds, audiences and groups.

Kairos attention measurement

Attention Measurement

Total attention time, glances, blinks, and attention span.

Kairos face feature detection

Facial Features

Detects eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, and many more.

Kairos sentiment detection

Sentiment Detection

Understand positive, negative and neutral sentiments of faces.

Kairos face grouping

Face Grouping

Group faces for easy searching, sorting and matching.

Kairos diversity detection

Diversity Recognition

Understand the diversity of the human face.


How do I use Kairos?

Integrate with our easy to code API - Devs Kairos.

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